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  • Paperback – 128 pages 
  • by Don Marsh 
  • North Light Books – 1996 

The calligraphy text is appropriate for 6th grade, the beginning of the analytic period, because it involves the analysis of letters into the lines that make them up. This particular text is easy to use and available. 

You'll be delighted at how easy this guide makes it to address invitations with a touch of class, send unforgettable greeting cards, and craft unique and meaningful gifts. With Don Marsh's simple and straightforward instruction, you'll be creating graceful handwritten expressions in no time! By learning a few key strokes (most of them found in the letters "a" and "n") you'll be able to form all the letters of the alphabet. Inside, you'll find everything you need to begin!

More than a dozen projects complete with stroke-by-stroke instruction show you different ways to apply your new skills. You'll find practical and imaginative ideas for greeting cards, invitations, romantic verse and much more. And with Don's help, you can get started right away

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