Grammar & Composition II Work-Text - Good

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  • Paperback - 396 pages
  • James A. Chapman
  • Abeka Books

From the publisher's website: Dive deeper into higher grammar concepts and composing exercises featured in this work-text. Introduce your student to noun clauses, gerunds, and infinitives, while reviewing the 8 parts of speech plus diagramming. With multiply exercises, including 67 original sentence-writing exercises, help your child develop an excellent grasp of grammar. In addition, 22 composition practices are included to prepare your 8th grader with his research paper on a great American. With a condensed handbook provided in this book, your students will have all the tools needed to improve their overall oral and verbal communication skills.  


Imperfect – GOOD: This book is in good, usable condition, but has slight imperfections; it might have minimal damage to spine or corners.