Beginning Latin III - Answer Key (First Edition)

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**Second Edition Coming August 2020**
The Beginning Latin program is a new MODG program. It is exciting, as it utilizes the student's gifts in this stage of formation (observation, memorization and sequencing) and does so in a way that prepares the student very well to do what is hardest in more advanced Latin studies. For example, we have found that to understand how to conjugate verbs, children must understand that the verbs have parts so that conjugation can be done correctly. This program introduces endings and stems right away, in a manner suited to the young child. Further, in Beginning Latin III there is a concentration on adjective noun agreement, something that requires observation, and will be of significant help as the student moves on in Latin. 

Beginning Latin III is the third part of the series written and designed by Margaret Hayden. The Answer Key contains the complete answers to the lessons and exercises.

Revised and updated in 2018.  Sample lessons from this key are available here.