Calico the Wonder Horse

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  • Hard Cover – 64 pages 
  • by Virginia Lee Burton 
  • HMH Books for Young Readers – 1996 

Way out West in Cactus County lived a horse named Calico. She wasn't very pretty, but she was smart and could run liked greased lightning. When the cattle belonging to the peaceful inhabitants of Cactus County are stolen by Stewy Stinker - a man so mean he would hold up Santa Claus on Christmas Eve if he had a chance - Calico comes to the rescue.

In comic-strip format, this action-packed western drama is complete with cattle rustling and kidnapping, a stampede, a holdup, and a thrilling chase down a mountain. At each event, Calico outruns and outsmarts the double-dyed villains from start to bang-up finish.