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Eighth Grade Bundle
Eighth Grade Bundle

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    The Eighth Grade Bundle includes all of the eighth grade materials (excluding The Harp & Laurel Wreath) recommended in the Eighth Grade Syllabus. Some of the most essential materials are already selected, but you can customize the bundle in any way. 

    There are now many options for Latin, based on the student's prior Latin experience. The Henle Latin or Cambridge Latin paths are now open to the student who has completed Fundamentals of Latin Grammar II, or the student who is just beginning Latin can start with Fundamentals of Latin Grammar I.

    The parent of the student should prepare for the eighth grade year with a plan for high school courses. Some students at this grade level may already be prepared for Algebra 1, Earth Science, etc. but others will not. Enrolled families should discuss their plans for the future with their consultant and they will help the family choose the best courses for the student.