Exploring the Building Blocks of Science Book 6 - Student Textbook

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  • Hardcover – 235 pages 
  • by Keller, Rebecca W., Phd. 
  • Gravitas Publications – 2015 

From the publisher's website:

In Building Blocks Book 6 students continue their exploration of the 5 core scientific disciplines of chemistry, biology, physics, geology, and astronomy. Technology used in the different sciences is discussed, and other topics include acids, bases, and pH; acid-base neutralization, plotting data, nutritional chemistry; different types of microscopes and their function, different types of protists, fungi (molds, yeasts, and mushrooms); inertia, mass, friction, and momentum; linear motion and non-linear motion; Earth as a system, Earth's geosphere, and atmosphere; using a star atlas, measuring time, different objects in our solar system, Earth's stellar neighbors, and exoplanets. This full-color text presents scientific facts in a clearly written, easily understood manner, and the wealth of colorful illustrations reinforce the concepts presented. 22 chapters.

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