First Grade Map Skills

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  • Paperback – 39 pages 
  • by Pipes, Jessica & Yanoschik, Elizabeth 
  • Mother of Divine Grace School – 2017 
  • Text is consumable.

This 39 page text is based on a long out of print text that Laura used with her young children. It is ordered to a very broad overview of geographical information, starting with the names of the continents, the oceans, some basic information about North America, a map of the United States, a highlight on one state and a page allowing the student to find his own state, as well as his state bird, a highlighted city and a page for the children to put the name of their city, an introduction to the directions of the compass, simple information about the types of land forms in the US, climate zones, natural resources and products, bodies of water, as well as the Rocky Mountains and Appalachians. It meets CA state content standards and encourages memorization of basic facts, as well as observational skills. It won't take long on any given day, but it prepares the student for the geographical and social studies that come later.

Sample pages of this text are available online; click here to view them.