First Grade Science

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  • Paperback – 35 pages 
  • by Jessica Pipes & Elizabeth Yanoschik
  • Mother of Divine Grace School – 2017
  • Text is consumable. 

This 35 page text has worksheets with beautiful pictures about the seasons, interesting and appropriately simple experiments, using materials we all usually have around the house, nature walk worksheets, all like the Kindergarten Science text. Like that text, this works perfectly with our methodology. An addition in this text is six pages about important, famous, and Catholic scientists: St. Albert, St. Thomas Aquinas, Lavoisier, Mendel, Pasteur and Jerome Lejuene. It's a great beginning to an understanding of the Church's role in science, which has always been to encourage people to seek the truth in the physical world. Though our Protestant brothers will sometimes assert that there can be two truths, one of nature and reason and one of faith, that conflict, we know as Catholics, can never happen. There is only one author of truth, God, who creates both the natural and the supernatural order. These can never be in conflict. For this reason, many of the most important scientists in history were and are Catholic. This text provides a beginning in understanding that reality. 

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