Following Christ in the World

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  • Paperback – 141 pages 
  • by Anne Carroll 
  • Seton Press – 2008 

The text by Anne Carroll is an excellent text for the 12th grade student.  It concerns, most of all, the social teachings of the Church. Since 12th grade students are likely to be leaving home, and beginning to live the lives of adult citizens, it is important that they have explicitly considered the issues raised in this text. What are the teachings of the Church regarding marriage? What about the moral behavior of an employer and employee? When is war just? When can one invoke the principle of double effect? These are very important questions for those who want to live by the teachings of Christ. The other materials all support this conversation. Also, the Carroll text goes through, one more time, and very intelligently, the motives of credibility. The student is now thoroughly prepared to master this argument. He has been through it before, but now he comes to it with a more mature mind and a mind expanded by the vicarious experience he has gained from his reading and from his discussions with his parents.