Fourth Grade Syllabus

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  • Paperback – 135 pages
  • by Laura Berquist

The Fourth Grade Syllabus contains detailed daily lesson plans for Religion, Mathematics, Language Arts, Spelling, Poetry, Science, History, Geography, Latin, Art and Music. It also contains a variety of teaching resources including Fourth Grade Subject Rubrics and Learning Objectives, suggested daily schedules, and teaching tips. We have provided below a sample of the first week from the syllabus along with a list of the books used in the syllabus.

In Religion, we use Bible History (Schuster) and study various lives of the saints. Your child also continues the memorization of Catholic doctrine, using the St. Joseph's Baltimore Catechism, No.1. In Mathematics, we use Math 54 (Saxon) which uses the spiral approach to teaching mathematical concepts. In Language Arts, we use Intermediate Language Lessons (Serl) which provides practice in punctuation, capitalization, grammar, and creative writing. The rules which your child learns in grammar will be reinforced by application to the history summaries which he will write during the year. In Spelling, we use The Writing Road to Reading along with Starting a Spelling Notebook to continue the practice of spelling. In Poetry, we continue to use The Harp and Laurel Wreath for selections of poetry to memorize. In Science, we use Understanding God's World (A Beka) which is an easy-to-use science text that shows God's loving hand at work in His creation. In History, we use Pioneers and Patriots (Furlong), Stories of Heroism: Exploration and Colonization (MODG) and The Evangelization of the New World to introduce your child to important facts about the colonization of the Americas and other events leading up to the Revolutionary War. We also provide the student with a list historical fiction to complement the study of history through literature. In Geography, we use Fourth Grade Geoegraphy (MODG)  OR DK Workbooks: Geoegraphy, Fourth Grade both of which continues to teach your child how to read maps. In Latin, we use Beginning Latin I or Beginning Latin II to begin the formal study of Latin. In Art, we use the Drawing Textbook (McIntyre) for drawing practice along with Fourth Grade Art (MODG) for art appreciation. In Music, we use Let's Learn Music, #3 (Hayes) along with classical music selections for music appreciation.

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