Fundamentals 1 Answer Key (SECOND EDITION)

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  • Paperback - 242 pages
  • by Margaret Hayden 
  • Mother of Divine Grace School – 2020

Beginning Latin focuses on learning how to conjugate and decline. Most programs emphasize memorizing verb endings and paradigms, but, in Beginning Latin, students spend more time studying the endings and stems as parts of verbs, before jumping into these endings or paradigms, so that conjugation can be done correctly.  Nouns are learned through observing their uses in sentences. Students begin with the third declension, rather than the first or second, because most nouns are in the third declension . Students practice using nouns correctly through sentence translations. Students also learn how to build nouns on their stems, how to identify the stems, and the English name equivalents of the Latin cases.

Beginning Latin I is comparable to Prima Latina in difficulty level, Beginning Latin 2 and 3 are comparable to Latina Christiana I and II, respectively. Fundamentals I is the equivalent of Basic Language Principles, while Fundamentals II covers much of the same material as Henle Latin IA.