Fundamentals 2 Student Manual (SECOND EDITION)

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  • Paperback - (Part 1 - 419 pages, Part 2 - 383 pages)
  • by Margaret Hayden 
  • Mother of Divine Grace School – 2020


Fundamentals II rapidly reviews Fundamentals I in the first eight lessons. The charts that the student should be familiar with from Fundamentals I are presented and the student is given lots of review exercises.

Fundamentals II focuses on analyzing and understanding some of the more complex ideas in Latin. The student learns the four principle parts of the verb and the perfect system verb conjugations in Latin. The course moves to using the more traditional names for the Latin tenses — present, imperfect, future, perfect, pluperfect, and future perfect. Personal and reflexive pronouns, adjectives, first and second conjugation, and complex uses of the dative and ablative are taught. The book ends with six "additional topic" lessons. These are extra lessons for students with the time and energy. The material covered in these lessons is material that is not necessary for the student to master at this level, but will come up in future Latin courses. These lessons cover relative pronouns, special adjectives and verbs that take the dative, intensive pronouns and adjectives, participles, and some Roman culture.

Fundamentals II prepares the student well for a challenging high school level Latin course. The amount of work is significantly increased from Fundamentals I. Every lesson includes vocabulary drills, form drills, analytic exercises, and lots of translations.

Sample lessons from this book are available here

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