Geometry Syllabus (Jacobs 3rd Edition)

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  • Paperback – 17 pages
  • by Laura Berquist

We use Jacob's Geometry by Harold Jacobs which presents the principles of geometry in an orderly manner and reviews the concepts regularly. Jacob’s Geometry incorporates many of the propositions from Euclid’s Elements in a style which is well suited to young students. Jacobs also provides an answer key, quizzes to be used throughout the year, and an answer key for the quizzes. The Geometry Syllabus has a day-by-day breakdown of this course along with a variety of teaching resources including Tenth Grade Subject Rubrics, Learning Objectives, and grading charts. This is a 1 year, 1 credit course.

(Please Note: There is a syllabus for the 2nd and the 3rd Edition of the text. To purchase the syllabus for the 2nd Edition, please contact our main office.)