Humble Servant of Truth

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  • Paperback - 159 pages
  • By Margaret O'Reilly

This is a biographical novel about St. Thomas Aquinas. Entering the world with a burning desire for knowledge, Thomas Aquinas set out on a quest for truth that forced him into captivity. But his thirst for truth never wavered. Known today among many as the most brilliant light of the Church, Aquinas was a Catholic priest and a Doctor of the Church. His synthesis of Aristotle's philosophy with Christianity significantly influenced Western thought and solidified his legacy as one of the greatest philosophers of the Western world. Over his lifetime, Aquinas wrote many Eucharistic hymns, some of which are to this day included in the Church's liturgy. His theological insight and natural reason make him an ideal model teacher for those pursuing Catholic priesthood. Today, Saint Thomas is often depicted with a writing quill or an open book, proving that the search for knowledge and truth forever lives within his name.