Introduction to Latin

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  • Paperback – 376 pages 
  • by Susan C. Shelmerdine 
  • Focus Publishing – 2013 

The Shelmerdine text is more basic grammatically than the Henle text, but it moves more quickly than the Henle Latin I to translation appropriate to the rhetorical stage. College Latin I covers the first half of the Shelmerdine text. It is better for the older student with a weaker Latin background. He catches up faster than if he were to go back to the Henle Latin I

The text is designed as a streamlined and uncluttered approach to Latin and grammar, providing a complete course, but without the nuance of more advanced explanations that hinder the first year student's mastery of the material. It covers all aspects of Latin grammar in a familiar pedagogical flow, with English grammar explained as needed, providing students with an in text reference point for new Latin material. "Real Latin" readings occur throughout the text, early and often, in the form of sentences and short passages. They are unconnected, providing the instructor the option of covering them as time and need allows. This text also includes a variety of exercises that provide different approaches to mastery of the language, especially in the early chapters.