Kindergarten Science

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  • Paperback – 37 pages 
  • by Pipes, Jessica & Yanoschik, Elizabeth 
  • Mother of Divine Grace School – 2017
  • Text is consumable.

This text has the kind of experiments and activities that encourage observation and bring the children's attention to the immediate world around them. They work perfectly with our methodology. Though we did not have a science text in our Kindergarten program for years, we have always encouraged families to do nature study, or little science experiments, in order to strengthen the imagination and make it docile, as well as to train the children to notice the wonders of God's creation. Laura would talk about the importance of leaving time for children to 'plant beans and watch them grow' and take nature walks to become acquainted with God's creation. Now we have a book that does exactly that! It's a beautiful little book, with excellent and beautiful pictures which will facilitate conversation about what is observed. It is nicely organized with worksheets highlighting the seasons, simple science experiments, a couple of pages about the formation of a butterfly and frog (it would be so great to get a butterfly kit and find some tadpoles when you are working on these pages), a discussion of the parts of flower (petals, stem, leaves and roots), which would be lovely to use with some specimens picked up outside, and finally nature walk worksheets which could be used over and over. There are 37 pages in the text. It's a truly outstanding addition to our program. 

Sample pages of this book are available online; click here to view them.