Marian Grotto Kit - Our Lady of Lourdes

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  • Craft Kit
  • Illuminated InkĀ 

We recommend some crafts to encourage fine and gross motor skills, teach the students how to follow directions, and to give them the satisfaction of producing a useful and lovely artifact. This striking kit will allow your child to create his or her own miniature grotto for the Blessed Mother from wooden sticks, beautiful illustrations and polished semi-precious gemstones.

This kit also includes a short synopsis of the apparition, a history of grottos, and a list of the semi-precious gemstones used in this kit (Gold Goldstone, Dalmation Stone Dyed Yellow, Magnesite, Moss Agate, Rainforest Rhyolite, Russian Amazonite and Howlite Dyed Yellow).

The finished grotto can stand freely on a tabletop or be hung on a wall, and is approximately 7" tall.