MODG Latin Chant Charts - Set 2

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  • Paperback – 13 pages 
  • by Hayden, Margaret; Pipes, Jessica 
  • Mother of Divine Grace School – 2016 

These chant charts are meant to be a memorization and reference aid in your study of Latin. They are divided into two sets. The first set is built for the first years of Latin study. It includes the basic noun, verb, adjective, and pronoun paradigms that you will need to memorize. The second set is built for more advanced Latin students. It can aid with memorization but is more intended for easy reference. It includes information on case usage, the different subordinate clauses, and more advanced Latin concepts. Below is more information on each set and tips on how to use them.

The second set has information about the different case uses, the different subordinate clauses, complex distinctions between adjectives and pronouns, and the formation and use of the different verbals. You can use these charts as references when you do your exercises and to help you learn the different concepts. Some of the information is complex enough that you may never be formally taught it in your Latin text. But it is good to read through it to help you have a general vision of the Latin language as a whole. Also, if you start translating works outside of your Latin text you may run across concepts that you were never formally taught. You should be comfortable looking those concepts up in these charts or in your Latin grammar and learning about them on your own.

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