Music Masters: The Stories of Vivaldi and Corelli

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The Music Masters series presents the lives and music of the world's great composers in an exciting, easy-to-follow format. A narrator discusses the composer's life, and specieally selected music is played--an interesting, informative way to learn more about the giants of classical music.

From the back of the CD:

THE STORIES OF VIVALDI (1678-1741) AND CORELLI (1653-1713)


Corelli published only six sets of instrumental works, yet he was famous throughout Europe and an important influence on many younger composers.

Modern violin technique owes its start to Corelli, himself a brilliant performer. As a conductor he insisted on orchestral discipline.

Vivaldi wrote over 450 concertos. They standardized the form and served as models for others throughout the early eighteenth century.

Vivaldi, who took holy orders, was known as the 'Red Priest' because of his hair color. Though famous, he died in obscurity in Vienna; his music was forgotten until the mid-twentieth century.

Narrated by Arthur Hannes

Special bonus: Following the stories of the lives and music of Vivaldi and Corelli, you will hear an additional bonus of The Four Seasons (Autumn & Winter) by Vivaldi and the complete Concerto Grosso in F Major by Corelli

Total playing time--72:15 Minutes