Music Masters: The Story of Haydn

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The Music Masters series presents the lives and music of the world's great composers in an exciting, easy-to-follow format. A narrator discusses the composer's life, and specieally selected music is played--an interesting, informative way to learn more about the giants of classical music.

From the back of the CD:

THE STORY OF HAYDN (1732-1809)


One of Haydn's pieces served for over a century as the Austrian National Anthem.

Haydn worked for most of his life removed from the musical mainstream. His reputation grew without self-promotion or concert tours. In fact, he was surprised at his own fame.

In his 83 string quartets and 104+ symphonies Haydn established the Vienna Classical style.

After a long, busy life, Haydn was recognized as Europe's greatest composer. He was honored by all, including Napoleon, whose troops were bombarding Vienna at the time of Haydn's death.

Narrated by Arthur Hannes

Special bonus: Following the story of the life and music of Haydn, you will hear an additional bonus of the complete Cello Concerto in D Major.

Total playing time--66:57 Minutes