Peter and the Wolf (with CD)

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  • Hardcover– 40 pages 
  • by Janet Schulman 
  • Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group – 2004 

The particular classical music pieces suggested will encourage careful listening and help the child learn to distinguish the sounds of the instruments of the orchestra. There is no better way to introduce children to classical music than with Prokofiev’s musical fairy tale of the little boy (played by all the strings of the orchestra) who, with the help of a bird (played by the flute), outsmarted the big, bad wolf (played by the French horns). And now with this book and CD package, children can look and listen all at the same time. A new retelling by Janet Schulman follows the basic story, but with a kinder ending for both the big bad wolf and the argumentative duck. Peter Malone’s paintings have the luminous quality of old Russian masters. The CD, with music performed by the Cincinnati Pops and word-for-word narration by Peter A. Thomas, was made exclusively for this book and CD package.