Sacraments & Apologetics Syllabus

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  • Paperback – 65 pages
  • by Laura Berquist

We use Mass and the Sacraments and Catholic Apologetics by Fr. John Laux. These are both excellent texts, with good questions requiring careful analysis of the material by the student. Mass and the Sacraments provides a thorough and precise explanation of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the sacraments, indulgences, and sacramentals. Catholic Apologetics guides the student through well reasoned answers to the classic objections against the faith. The text covers topics such as the existence of God, immortality of the soul, science and faith, reason and revelation, the divinity of Christ, the foundation of the Church and the infallibility of the pope. We also use Beginning Apologetics by Chacon and Burnham to study apologetics from a Biblical point of view. We also include essay and paper topics to give the student practice with writing in variety of styles. The Sacraments & Apologetics Syllabus has a day-by-day breakdown of this course along with paper topics, quizzes, answer keys to the quizzes, and a variety of teaching resources including Tenth Grade Subject Rubrics, Learning Objectives, and grading charts. This is a 1 year, 1 credit course.