Saint Brendan and the Voyage Before Columbus

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  • Paperback - 32 pages
  • by Mike McGrew
  • Paulist Press

From the publisher's website:

Based on the Navigatio and clear modern evidence that the voyage was real, this book captures St. Brendan's spirit and legacy and his incredible adventures as he journeyed to America in the sixth century.

From the book's back:

Children will be astounded to learn that Ireland's Saint Brendan may have sailed to North America almost a thousand years before Columbus, in just a small open boat with a handful of brave monks--a trip that's been duplicated and proved possible in modern times.

This full-color picture book weaves together legends as well as the saint's own account of his voyage--which Columbus himself is said to have relied on. The book follows Brendan from his birth, through his incredible seagoing adventures, to his return home to Ireland. Kids will not only be entertained by Brendan's exciting quest; they will also discover a timeless story about following one's dream, finding friendship, and coming to trust in God's care.