Our Life in the Church Student Text

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  • Paperback – 190 pages 
  • by James M Dunfee 
  • Ignatius Press – 2011 

This Faith & Life text is excellent. It reviews the sacramental life in the Church, which is important for students receiving Confirmation, as many of our students will in their 8th grade year. Students read the text and then go over the same material in the Baltimore Catechism. In this eighth grade student text, Our Life in the Church, you will find that emphasis has been given to the scriptural basis of our Faith in accord with Sacred Tradition. Every chapter opens with a Scripture passage, and important verses supplement the text where relevant. Each chapter closes with questions and answers based on Church teaching as found in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Vocabulary words are indicated in bold type and in the Words to Know sections. Their definitions are found in the glossary. Common Catholic prayers are also taught in the lessons, and presented at the end of the book.