What's New

MODG is pleased to announce the complete overhaul of our bookstore website from the ground up.  The new site is much easier to navigate, looks better, and has lots of convenient features, many of which have been heavily requested for the last several years.

What's new?  Here are some of the highlights:

  • Better navigation.  Books are now organized by grade level, which is much more intuitive than our old by-syllabus arrangement.
  • Item bundles.  We now have item bundles for grades K-8 and for individual courses in high school, so that you can add a group of related books to your order at once. 
  • Media Mail is now available as a shipping option for orders that contain only books. (Note that if your order non-book items, such as craft kits or math manipulatives, Media Maill will not be available. For large orders, it may be advisable to split your order in two to take advantage of Media Mail on the books.)
  • You can now subscribe to Email notifications for when items come back into stock. This has been one of the most heavily-requested features throughout the lifetime of our bookstore.
  • Accounts are much more tightly integrated with the MODG Family Center for enrolled families. Your email address, password, and credit card information is now the same across both sites. See here for more details.
  • Carts are also synced to your account, so that you can continue shopping regardless of where you're logging in.

In addition, our new system gives us the flexibility to continue making improvements as time goes on. We already have plenty of plans for future features.

Happy shopping! If you run into any issues you can always chat with us, use the Contact Us page, or email us at bookstore@modg.org.